What is another word for to the max?

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[ tə ðə mˈaks], [ tə ðə mˈaks], [ t_ə ð_ə m_ˈa_k_s]

Synonyms for To the max:

How to use "To the max" in context?

To the max is a company that specializes in modifying vehicles. Owner and CEO, Nick Sabatini, started the company in 2006 with the vision of being able to "make the best cars possible."

Sabatini started with a Nissan Sentra and had it completely modified within a few months, including a new engine and transmission. From there, he launched To the Max, and began working on more vehicles. Now, the company has a large, specialized workshop that can modify any car on the market.

Modifications can include everything from changing a car's engine to adding new bodywork or suspension.

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