What is another word for too?

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[ tˈuː], [ tˈuː], [ t_ˈuː]

Related words: too much of a good thing, cut down on sweets, too much sugar, too much food, too much salt, too much of a bad thing, what is too much for weight loss, what is too much water for weight loss, how does too much exercise affect weight loss, can exercise be harmful for weight loss

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    How to use "Too" in context?

    Too often, the word "too" is used to mean "much too" or "more than is necessary." For example, "That broccoli is too steamed." Here, "too" is used to mean "much." In this sentence, "steamed" means cooked by boiling water over a high flame. Broccoli is cooked by steaming, so it is much too cooked. Another example is "She ate too much yesterday." Here, "too" is used to mean "much more than is necessary." Eating too much can lead to weight gain and health problems.

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    • Tew, Thuy, Tu, two, to, Tue.

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