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Tor, a hill or rocky outcrop, can be described in a variety of ways using synonyms. One such synonym is peak, which denotes a high point or summit. Another could be crag, which indicates a rocky ledge or cliff. A knoll, on the other hand, suggests a smaller hill or mound. A hillock, meanwhile, refers to a low hill or rise, whereas a bluff implies a high, steep bank or cliff. Finally, a mesa denotes a flat-topped hill with steep sides. All of these synonyms can be used to convey the essence of a tor, though each has its unique connotations and nuances that can add depth and texture to a description.

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How to use "Tor" in context?

1. In computing, tor is short for "The Onion Router," which is a distributed web proxy system used to anonymize web browsing.

2. Originally developed by the National Security Agency, TOR provides a way for users to browse the internet anonymously by hiding their true IP address.

3. While TOR is primarily used for privacy purposes, it can also be used for illegal activities, such as drug trafficking and terrorism.

4. As a result, TOR has been subject to various forms of censorship by various governments around the world.

5. However, despite these threats, TOR remains an important tool for privacy and anonymity online.

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