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The word "tory" has several synonyms that can be used to describe someone who is politically conservative or a member of the British Conservative Party. Some of the most common synonyms include right-wing, conservative, traditionalist, and reactionary. Other synonyms for "tory" can include capitalist, anti-communist, nationalist, and royalist. Some other terms that may be used to describe someone who leans towards tory politics include neoconservative, libertarian, and authoritarian. These synonyms are useful for writers and speakers who want to describe political leaders, political parties, or political movements without using the same word repeatedly. They can also help to add nuance and complexity to discussions about conservative politics.

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    How to use "Tory" in context?

    1. tory meaning was once a very positive word associated with conservatism and belief in traditional values.

    2. Over time, however, the word "tory" has come to be used as a disparaging term to describe people who are perceived to be wealthy and privileged.

    3. This negative connotation has been further strengthened by the rise of the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom, which is now considered by many to be associated with elitism and a lack of concern for the average citizen.

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    • Torry, Torey, Tori, Torrey, Torie, Towry.

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