What is another word for tossing?

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"Tossing" is a versatile word that has a range of synonyms. One such synonym is "throwing," which indicates flinging an object with force or directed movement. Another possible synonym for tossing is "casting," which implies releasing an object or substance into an area or space. "Pitching" is another synonym, which suggests launching or hurling an object in a particular direction. "Flinging" is yet another possible synonym that implies throwing with greater force and energy than tossing does. Lastly, "lobbing" is another synonym for tossing that suggests a gentle, high-arcing throw or a soft underhand toss. Whatever the context, choosing the right synonym for "tossing" can help add clarity and variety to written or spoken communication.

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How to use "Tossing" in context?

Tossing is usually done with a particular object, like a ball, but can also be done with other objects, like a salad. Tossing is a very simple but cool activity. It is also fun to do with a friend.

To do the activity, you need two people. One person stands in front of the other and holds out the object to be tossed. The other person must then quickly throw the object in the air and catch it. The best way to do this is to throw the object up in the air and then quickly catch it.

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