What is another word for tracery?

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Tracery is a word commonly used in architecture to refer to patterns created by interlaced lines or decorations. However, there are numerous synonyms for the word that can be used to describe the same concept in a different way. A few examples of synonyms for tracery include filigree, lacework, fretwork, webbing, interlace, and grillework. Each of these words conveys a similar image of intricate patterns and flowing lines. By using synonyms for tracery in writing or conversation, individuals can add variety and interest to their language, while still conveying the same general meaning.

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How to use "Tracery" in context?

from architecture

tracery is the term given to the ornamental lines and bands used in the lintels and arches of medieval churches and other religious buildings. The term derives from the Latin word "traca," meaning a trace or cobweb.

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