What is another word for trades union?

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Trade union is also referred to as a labor union, workers' union, or simply a union. It is an organization that represents the interests of workers in a particular industry and seeks to improve their working conditions and wages. Other synonyms for the term trade union include guild, brotherhood, association, society, and alliance. Each of these words represents a different aspect of the purpose and function of trade unions, but they all have the common goal of safeguarding the rights and welfare of workers. The power of trade unions cannot be underestimated since they play a crucial role in promoting social justice and fair labor practices across various industries and sectors.

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    How to use "Trades union" in context?

    The trade union is an organisation that is made up of workers who are employed in the same industry or occupation. It is a means of protecting the rights and safety of workers, and of demonstrating their collective strength. Trade unions can also work to improve the conditions and pay of their members.

    In most countries, trade unions are legally registered and required to register with the government. They may be entitled to represent their members in negotiations with their employers, and can organise strikes and protests to bring pressure on their employers.

    Trade unions have a long history, and have played a significant role in thestruggle for workers' rights.

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