What is another word for transmundane?

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[ tɹansmˈʌnde͡ɪn], [ tɹansmˈʌnde‍ɪn], [ t_ɹ_a_n_s_m_ˈʌ_n_d_eɪ_n]

Transmundane is a word that means something beyond the physical world or mundane experiences. There are several other synonyms that can be used to convey a similar meaning, including otherworldly, supernatural, ethereal, transcendental, celestial, and mystical. These words indicate that something is beyond the ordinary, and may refer to spiritual or religious experiences, mysterious or unexplained phenomena, or simply a sense of wonder and awe. Each synonym has its own nuances and connotations, but all share the idea of something that goes beyond the limits of our everyday understanding. Whether describing a beautiful sunset, a profound philosophical concept, or a spiritual vision, these words can help us express the ineffable.

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How to use "Transmundane" in context?

Transmundane refers to a realm beyond the physical world. Belief in transmundane realms has been around for centuries, and there is evidence that it predates the Western world. Some believe that transmundane realms exist within the physical world, while others believe that they exist outside of it. Some transmundane realms are thought to be populated by beings who are different from those on Earth, and some are thought to be inhabited by angels and gods. There is significant disagreement about what transmundane realms consist of, and whether or not they exist at all. Despite this, transmundane realms have played a significant role in many religious and spiritual beliefs.

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