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A treaty is a formal agreement between two or more nations, states, or organizations. When talking about international law, it is often customary to use synonyms for "treaty" to add emphasis or variety to the discourse. These synonyms include accord, convention, agreement, protocol, settlement, pact, alliance, wedlock, and deal. Each of these words is specific in its own way and may change the meaning or intention of language used in international agreements. For instance, using the word "convention" implies a meeting or gathering, while "settlement" suggests a resolution of conflict. Whatever synonym is used, each implies a legal agreement between nations that requires compliance and cooperation.

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In international relations, a treaty is an agreement between two or more states or international organizations in which the terms of the agreement are formally documented. A treaty is usually distinguished from an accord, which is an informal agreement. A treaty was first established when states began trading routes and other services and benefits without the need for a common security agenda. Treaties are accomplished through negotiation and are legally binding once signed. They create an international legal obligation.

A treaty usually enters into force after it has been ratified by all the nations involved in the agreement. Once in force, the treaty becomes part of international law.

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