What is another word for trespass?

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Trespassing is a prohibited act under the law. When a person enters onto someone else's property without permission, it is considered trespassing. Other synonyms for the term include intrusion, encroachment, and violation. An incursion is similar to trespassing, but it suggests a sudden and forceful entry onto someone's property. A transgression is a more general term that refers to violating a moral or social code, such as breaking a rule or committing a crime. Another synonym for trespassing is infringement, which suggests a violation of someone's legal rights. Regardless of the synonym used, trespassing is a serious offense that carries consequences under the law.

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How to use "Trespass" in context?

Trespass is a criminal offense that usually entails intentionally entering another person's property without permission. It can also refer to activities or objects that are on someone else's property without their consent, such as littering or vandalizing. In most cases, trespassing is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine or jail time.

Trespassing laws are often designed to prevent people from invading other people's privacy or disrupting peace and quiet. For example, trespassing on someone's property to look at theirPGP key is considered CFILLE and a criminal offense.

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