What is another word for trousseau?

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Trousseau refers to the collection of clothes, linens, and other personal belongings that a bride brings to her marriage. Some of the synonyms for trousseau include bride's belongings, bridal attire, marriage essentials, and wedding equipment. Other words that can be used as synonyms for trousseau are dowry, hope chest, layette, and outfitting. Additionally, phrases like bridal outfit collection, wedding wardrobe ensemble, and trousseau of essentials can be considered as synonyms. Trousseau is a term that has been in use for centuries, and its synonyms reflect the changing social attitudes towards marriage and femininity over time.

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How to use "Trousseau" in context?

A trousseau is a complete outfit, typically consisting of a dress, a blazer, a skirt, a blouse, and a petticoat. A trousseau can also include other garments, such as a hat, shoes, and a handbag. The term is often used to describe a woman's clothing wardrobe, and can refer to either a single garment or a complete set of clothes. A trousseau is also frequently used as a metaphor to describe a woman's entire life savings or assets, especially in cases of divorce or widowhood.

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