What is another word for tucker?

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Tucker is a common English word that refers to something that can be used to fill someone's appetite, usually food. Although tucker is an informal word, it remains a popular and useful term in everyday conversation. There are many synonyms for tucker that can be used in different contexts. Some common alternatives include grub, chow, sustenance, nourishment, provisions, eats, refreshments, victuals, foodstuff, and provisions. These words can also be used to describe food, meals, or snacks. Regardless of the context, using synonyms for tucker can help you add variety to your spoken or written language.

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    Tucker is a curious dog who loves exploring his surroundings. He is always up for a game of catch, and is especially resilient when it comes to chasing a ball. Tucker loves spending time with his family, and is always happy to see them when they come home.

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