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Turntables are an essential part of DJ equipment used for mixing and scratching vinyl records. There are various words that can be used interchangeably for a "turntable" such as record player, vinyl player, phonograph, gramophone, and turnplate. The term "phonograph" was a common term used for turntables in the past. A "vinyl player" or a "record player" is a modern version of the traditional record player. The word "gramophone" is commonly used in the UK and India. In addition, "turnplate" is a less commonly used alternative. Regardless of the name used, a turntable remains an important tool for DJs to create music, and they continue to be used by music enthusiasts today.

How to use "Turntable" in context?

The turntable has been around for centuries and it remains one of the most popular music playback devices today. Essentially, a turntable is a record player that uses a spinning platter to convert the rotation of the record into sound waves. The first turntables were made of wood and used a mechanical belts and pulleys to turn the record. With the advent of vinyl records, turntables became more popular and more advanced. They now come in many different shapes and sizes, some with built-in speakers, and others that can be connected to speakers or headphones.

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