What is another word for tycoon?

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The term "tycoon" usually refers to a wealthy and powerful person who has success in business or industry. Some common synonyms for "tycoon" include mogul, magnate, baron, captain of industry, shark, and bigwig. "Mogul" refers to a powerful person who has great influence and financial success, while "magnate" suggests someone who has achieved a high position of power due to their wealth and business dealings. "Baron" is often applied to those who have amassed great wealth and assets in a specific industry or field. "Captain of industry" refers to those who have played a significant role in shaping and developing an industry. "Shark" is often used to describe someone who is aggressive and ruthless in business, while "bigwig" is a more informal term that refers to someone who is important or influential.

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How to use "Tycoon" in context?

For many people, the word "tycoon" conjures up images of powerful men and women who have made an incredible amount of money. However, the term can also be used to describe people who have created a successful business.

According to the dictionary, a "tycoon" is someone who "has by his own efforts or by the aid of others created a large and prosperous business." Whether a business is large or small, a "tycoon" is responsible for its success.

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