What is another word for udmurt?

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The word "Udmurt" is a proper noun that refers to a Finno-Ugric ethnic group living in the Udmurt Republic of Russia. However, there are some alternative names that have been used to refer to the Udmurt people. For instance, the term "Votyak" has been used as an alternative name for the Udmurt group. Other synonyms include "Votyaks," "Udmurtsky," and "Odmurtye." Additionally, in the past, the Udmurt people were referred to as "Chud" or "Chud'." Despite the various alternative names used for the Udmurt group, it is important to recognize and respect their cultural identity by using their preferred name.

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How to use "Udmurt" in context?

The udmurts, or Udmurt people, are a Turkic speaking ethnic group who live in the Udmurt Republic in Russia. Udmurts are historically one of the most autochthonous groups of the Russian Federation. They are also the largest Turkic peoples in the world. The Udmurts speak a language which is most closely related to Uyghur, the language of the Uyghur people. Udmurts are extensively Muslim, and are recognized as one of the twelve national minorities of Russia.

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