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Uighur is a term used to describe an ethnic minority group mainly residing in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of northwest China. Synonyms for Uighur include Uyghur, Uygur, and Weiwuer which is the transliteration of Uighur in Chinese characters. Some less common synonyms include Altishahr, East Turkestani, and Eastern Turk. It is important to note that the Uighur people have their own name for their ethnicity which is ئۇيغۇر in their language. Despite the variations in spellings and transliterations, these synonyms all refer to the same group of people who have faced cultural, religious, and political oppression in recent years.

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The uighur people are an ethnic group living in western China. Since 1949, they have been subjected to a range of repressive policies from the Chinese government, including severe restrictions on their religious and cultural practices. Uighur communities are often subjected to surveillance and periodic crackdowns by the Chinese authorities. In recent years, Uighur discontent with China's policies has heightened, leading to a number of violent clashes between Uighur militants and the Chinese security forces.

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