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Ulama is a term used in many Muslim countries to describe religious scholars who have specialized knowledge of Islamic law and theology. However, there are a variety of terms used in different regions that refer to the same concept. In Pakistan, "mujtahid" is often used to describe a top-tier Islamic scholar, while "mufassir" refers to an expert in Quranic exegesis. In Iran, "ayatollah" is a commonly used term for a high-ranking religious authority, while "marja" refers to a scholar who can be followed in matters of Islamic law. Ultimately, the variety of terms used to describe ulama highlight the different regional and linguistic contexts in which Islamic scholarship has developed.

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Ulama, or religious scholars, are an essential component of the Islamic faith. They make up one of the four main religious institutions in Islam, alongside the prophet, the quranic revelation, and the Community of Believers. Ulama are responsible for teaching Islam and its fundamentals to Muslims, and for interpreting Islamic scripture.

Ulama come from all walks of life, and their varied backgrounds and experiences make them well-qualified to offer expert guidance on religious matters. They typically have undergraduate degrees in Islamic studies or jurisprudence, and many also have postgraduate degrees in Islamic studies or some other branch of Islamic knowledge.

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      Ulema, ulemas.

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