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The term Ulema originated in Arabic and refers to the Islamic scholars who hold immense knowledge regarding Islamic theology and jurisprudence. There are many synonyms for the word Ulema, which are used in different regions and by different cultures. In the Indian subcontinent, the term Maulvi or Moulana is commonly used to refer to these scholars. In Turkey, the term Molla is used, while in Indonesia, the term Kyai is used. In Iran, the term Hujjatul Islam is used to refer to these scholars. These scholars are highly respected and play a crucial role in shaping the Islamic worldview and providing guidance to the community.

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The Ulema are Muslim scholars and authorities. They are responsible for interpreting the Koran and other religious texts, and for giving guidance on religious matters to members of the Muslim community. They also play an important role in the propagation of Islam and in the adjudication of religious disputes.

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