What is another word for un eventful?

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[ ˈʌn ɪvˈɛntfə͡l], [ ˈʌn ɪvˈɛntfə‍l], [ ˈʌ_n ɪ_v_ˈɛ_n_t_f_əl]

Synonyms for Un eventful:

How to use "Un eventful" in context?

As someone who typically enjoys living in the moment and taking things as they come, I can honestly say that the last few months have been uneventful by my standards. Between my busy work schedule and the incoming cold weather, there hasn't been much happening that I haven't already seen or experienced a million times over. Granted, this pace of living might be considered quite unremarkable by others, but for me it's just a little too quiet. It would be nice to have one or two exciting moments to break up the monotony, but unfortunately that hasn't happened yet.

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