What is another word for un lawful?

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[ ˈʌn lˈɔːfə͡l], [ ˈʌn lˈɔːfə‍l], [ ˈʌ_n l_ˈɔː_f_əl]

Unlawful refers to something that is illegal, against the law, or not permitted by the authorities. There are several synonyms for this word including illicit, illegal, prohibited, forbidden, unauthorized, criminal, fraudulent, and corrupt. Illicit refers to something that is not allowed by law, whereas illegal is specifically breaking a law. Prohibited means that it is forbidden by law, whereas forbidden is more generic. Unauthorized refers to something that is not permitted or authorized by law, whereas criminal denotes a punishable offense. Fraudulent is used for something that is achieved through deceit or dishonesty, while corrupt refers to something that is morally depraved or dishonest. All these words are interchangeable with the word unlawful depending on the context in which it is used.

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    How to use "Un lawful" in context?

    What is unlawful? Is anything Illegal? Whether something is lawful is a question of law. There are several principles that govern the determination of lawfulness. One principle is that everything is subject to the law of nature. Another principle is that what is lawful in one country may not be lawful in another country. And finally, the principle of de jure legality requires that something be lawful under the law of the country in which it is enacted.

    In its simplest form, the lawfulness of something refers to whether or not that thing is legal under the applicable law.

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