What is another word for un premeditated?

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[ ˈʌn pɹɪmˈɛdɪtˌe͡ɪtɪd], [ ˈʌn pɹɪmˈɛdɪtˌe‍ɪtɪd], [ ˈʌ_n p_ɹ_ɪ_m_ˈɛ_d_ɪ_t_ˌeɪ_t_ɪ_d]

Un premeditated is a term often used to describe an act that is done without any prior planning or forethought. Synonyms for this word include spontaneous, impulsive, unplanned, unthinking, instinctive, involuntary, reflexive, automatic, and immediate. These synonyms emphasize the suddenness and lack of intentionality of the action, highlighting that it was not premeditated or calculated. These words can be used to describe a wide range of behaviors, from minor actions like making an offhand comment to more serious ones like committing a crime. Using synonyms can help add variety to your language and make your writing more interesting and engaging.

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    How to use "Un premeditated" in context?

    Un premeditated is a deliberate act with a specific goal, usually carried out with malice aforethought in mind. It carries a criminal punishment in some jurisdictions.

    There are a few elements that must be present for a crime to be categorized as premeditated. The offender must have had a specific planned out goal or motive for the act, and must have taken specific steps to achieve that goal, without the benefit of hindsight.

    Although not a universal definition, in most cases, the criminal intent must have been clear to the accused prior to committing the act.

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