What is another word for un reliabilities?

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The word "unreliabilities" refers to the inability of something or someone to be trusted or dependable. Some common synonyms for "unreliabilities" include unreliability, inconsistency, instability, fickle, capriciousness, unpredictability, undependability, and untrustworthiness. Each of these words describes a different facet of something or someone who cannot be counted on. For example, "inconsistency" suggests a lack of regularity or predictability, while "untrustworthiness" implies a lack of honesty or integrity. Whatever the reason, when something or someone is described as being "unreliable," it's important to be cautious and not rely on them too heavily.

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    How to use "Un reliabilities" in context?

    When evaluating reliability it is important to have a clear understanding of what is being measured. One common measure of reliability is the coefficient of Variability (CV), which is the amount of variability in scores on a measure due to sampling error. When the CV is high, this indicates that there is a lot of variability in scores and that it may not be possible to make valid conclusions about the group's reliability. In contrast, when the CV is low, this indicates that the scores are more stable and that it is possible to make valid conclusions about the group's reliability.

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