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Unconformity is a geological term that describes a surface where rock layers are discontinuous. It is often used to describe a boundary in the rock sequence, where an erosion event or non-deposition has resulted in a gap in the record. Synonyms for unconformity include nonconformity, discordance, inconsistency, disparity, and discrepancy. Other terms that are commonly used in conjunction with unconformity are hiatus or a time gap. These synonyms reflect the concept of a discontinuity in the rock record and highlight the different aspects of unconformity, such as geological time, sedimentary layers, or structural relationships between rocks. Overall, these words help geologists communicate their observations and interpretations of the dynamic geological processes that are recorded in the rock record.

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    An unconformity is a geological feature that is not in the general plan or sequence of layers of the Earth's surface. Many unconformities are associated with thick sedimentary beds, which are difficult to cross. The most significant unconformity in the Appalachian mountains is the New York-New Jersey Highland Boundary, which separates the thin sheets of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic periods.

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