What is another word for under consideration?

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[ ˌʌndə kənsˌɪdəɹˈe͡ɪʃən], [ ˌʌndə kənsˌɪdəɹˈe‍ɪʃən], [ ˌʌ_n_d_ə k_ə_n_s_ˌɪ_d_ə_ɹ_ˈeɪ_ʃ_ə_n]

When a decision is pending, the phrase "under consideration" is often used to denote that a proposition, proposal, or idea is still being evaluated. However, there are several synonyms that can be used in place of "under consideration" to describe this situation. Some alternatives include "being reviewed," "under review," "under evaluation," "being analyzed," "in the discussion," "currently being examined," "in the process of being assessed," and "being deliberated." Depending on the context, any of these phrases could accurately convey the idea that something is still being evaluated and not yet decided upon.

Synonyms for Under consideration:

How to use "Under consideration" in context?

When applying for a job, most people expect to be interviewed by the company. However, not all jobs are available for interview. Jobs that are "under consideration" are those that have been considered for either a full or part-time role but have not yet been offered.

Candidates who are interested in a job that is under consideration should expect to be contacted by the company soon. Depending on the role and the company, candidates may need to interview or provide additional information.

Be aware that, while a job is under consideration, the company may change its mind and not offer the position.

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