What is another word for underage?

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Underage is a word used to describe a person who is considered too young or below the legal age for a particular activity or privilege. Synonyms for the word underage include immature, juvenile, minor, underage, young, youthful, adolescent, prepubescent, and tender. These words carry similar meanings, but some may be more appropriate in certain contexts. For instance, juvenile is used to describe young people who have committed criminal offenses, while minor is used when referencing legal age restrictions on various activities. Using different synonyms for underage allows for better clarity and specificity in communication. Therefore, one should choose the best synonym to use depending on the context in which the word is being employed.

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How to use "Underage" in context?

There is often a huge difference in the perception of what age someone is considered to be legally an adult. In some countries, such as the United States of America, the age of majority is 18-years-old. This means that, by definition, anyone below that age is considered a minor. While this is often seen as a positive thing, there are also negative implications to being a minor.

One of the most significant implications of being a minor is that one is not allowed to make serious decisions on their own behalf. This means that they are not allowed to sign contracts, hire lawyers, or vote.

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