What is another word for unheld?

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[ ʌnhˈɛld], [ ʌnhˈɛld], [ ʌ_n_h_ˈɛ_l_d]

The word "unheld" refers to something that is not supported or grasped physically or metaphorically. Synonyms for "unheld" include unfounded, unsupported, unproven, unconfirmed, unverified, untested, unestablished, unbacked, unsubstantiated, and uncorroborated. These words suggest that something lacks evidence, proof, or basis to support it. They imply that the thing is not accepted or verified as true or accurate. The synonyms of "unheld" can also indicate that something is left on its own without any assistance, backing, or reinforcement. In summary, these synonyms portray the idea of instability, uncertainty, and unpredictability concerning something that is not held.

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