What is another word for unmoral?

88 synonyms found


[ ʌnmˈɒɹə͡l], [ ʌnmˈɒɹə‍l], [ ʌ_n_m_ˈɒ_ɹ_əl]

How to use "Unmoral" in context?

Many people would say that morality and immorality are completely relative terms. What one person might see as moral might be seen as immoral by another person. This is especially true when it comes to sex. People can have different ideas of what is considered moral or immoral when it comes to sex. This is why there is no one right answer when it comes to the morality of sex. However, there are some things that are generally considered to be immoral. These include things like sexual assault, rape, and cheating on your partner. Other things that are generally considered to be immoral include hurting other people or animals, and stealing.

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