What is another word for unsubstantial?

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[ ʌnsəbstˈanʃə͡l], [ ʌnsəbstˈanʃə‍l], [ ʌ_n_s_ə_b_s_t_ˈa_n_ʃ_əl]

Unsubstantial is a word used to describe something that lacks substance or weight, or seems insubstantial. Synonyms for unsubstantial include immaterial, intangible, insubstantial, airy, ephemeral, ethereal, gossamer, thin, tenuous, flimsy, frail, weak, and slight. These words convey a sense of fragility, fleetingness or invisibility to the subject they describe. For instance, an argument that lacks factual evidence could be described as weak, while a promise without any firm basis or conviction could be called insubstantial. Tenuous and frail are also useful alternatives to convey something that is unstable, uncertain, or unsound. Ultimately, the choice of word depends on the context and the intended meaning, but each of these synonymous terms can help add depth and precision to your writing.

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    How to use "Unsubstantial" in context?

    The word "unsubstantial" is often used to describe something or someone that is not substantial. Something that is unsubstantial is not strong or substantial enough to be meaningful or significant. When something is unsubstantial, it is not important or relevant.

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