What is another word for unveiled?

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Unveiled is a word that expresses the revealing of something that was previously hidden or unknown. There are many different synonyms for unveiled, each with its own particular shade of meaning. For instance, the word "disclosed" suggests that something has been made known or revealed, while "exposed" implies that something has been brought out into the open and made visible for all to see. Other synonyms for unveiled might include "uncovered", "discovered", "unmasked", "displayed", or "revealed". No matter which word you choose, the idea behind them all is the same: something that was once hidden has now been revealed to the world.

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    On October 7th, 1995, Paris Hilton was unveiled to the world at the age of 17. From her humble beginnings as a socialite on the rise, Paris has become one of the most recognizable and infamous young women in the world. Her personal life has been filled with headlines and scandal, but her professional life has been anything but slow. Paris has worked hard to establish a successful entertainment career, which has included modeling, hosting radio and television shows, and acting.

    Now in her twenties, Paris is still beloved by her fans and has never stopped working.

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