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Uplands are generally defined as elevated areas of land that are located above sea level. These landforms are characterized by their relatively flat or gently sloping terrain and are often composed of hard, resistant rocks. Synonyms for uplands include highlands, plateaus, hills, ridges, mountains, and elevated terrains. These terms all refer to areas of land that are higher in elevation than the surrounding landscape. When used in a geographic context, such synonyms help to describe the topography of a particular region and convey important information about the physical features and characteristics of different landscapes. Overall, uplands and their synonyms are important for understanding the diversity and complexity of the Earth's geography.

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Nearly everywhere there are mountains, but not all mountains are uplands. The difference between an upland and a mountain is the height of the mountains, with uplands being above 2,000 feet in elevation and mountains being above 4,000 feet in elevation. Uplands are found throughout the world and are home to a variety of different animals and plants.

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