What is another word for uplighter?

20 synonyms found


[ ˈʌpla͡ɪtə], [ ˈʌpla‍ɪtə], [ ˈʌ_p_l_aɪ_t_ə]

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    How to use "Uplighter" in context?

    Uplighters are small, handheld lamps used to make a person or object appear more illuminated. They are often used in entrances and lobbies to make dark areas more visible and to create a more welcoming atmosphere.

    The most common uppercase letter LED uplighter is the LED security light, which is primarily used in security applications. Uplighters can also be used to light up signage, act as accent lighting, or as a source of indirect light for photography. In recent years, the popularity of the selfie has led to more uplighters being made specifically for use in selfies and other photography applications.

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