What is another word for uppishness?

85 synonyms found


[ ˈʌpɪʃnəs], [ ˈʌpɪʃnəs], [ ˈʌ_p_ɪ_ʃ_n_ə_s]

Related words: uppityness, uppity, upsy-daisy, up-in-your-face, uppity people, uppityness synonym

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    How to use "Uppishness" in context?

    When most people hear the word "uppishness," they might think about someone who is arrogant or disrespectful. But, in the context of Received Pronunciation, uppishness actually refers to a natural accent or dialect. Uppish people are usually from the London area, and they generally have a more cultivated sound than people from other parts of England. It's often associated with higher social classes, and you might hear someone with a pronounced uppishness in a movie or on TV.

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