What is another word for upright piano?

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[ ˈʌpɹa͡ɪt pɪˈanə͡ʊ], [ ˈʌpɹa‍ɪt pɪˈanə‍ʊ], [ ˈʌ_p_ɹ_aɪ_t p_ɪ__ˈa_n_əʊ]

Synonyms for Upright piano:

How to use "Upright piano" in context?

There are many upright pianos available on the market today, which can offer you different ways to play the piano. One of the upright pianos that is very popular and has received great reviews is the Yamaha CP32. This upright piano is a great option for those who are looking for an affordable option. It also features a few extra features that may be helpful for some players, such as a built-in electronic tuner and headphone port. Another great upright piano option is the Kawai EP3. This piano is also very popular and has received great reviews.

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