What is another word for urban sprawl?

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[ ˈɜːbən spɹˈɔːl], [ ˈɜːbən spɹˈɔːl], [ ˈɜː_b_ə_n s_p_ɹ_ˈɔː_l]

Urban sprawl is a term used to describe the uncontrolled spread of urban development into previously undeveloped areas. While the term "urban sprawl" is widely recognized and used, there are a number of synonyms that can be used to describe the same phenomenon. These synonyms include suburbanization, urbanization, suburban growth, suburban spread, urban expansion, urban diffusion, and urban encroachment. Each of these terms conveys a similar meaning, describing the growing pressure for cities and urban areas to expand outward and into previously rural or undeveloped areas. All of these terms capture the challenges associated with urbanization and the need for sustainable planning and development policies.

How to use "Urban sprawl" in context?

The term "urban sprawl" generally refers to the development of suburbs or neighborhoods beyond the reach of central city structures, such as grid plans. It has also been used to describe the phenomenon where transportation infrastructures are unable to keep up with the explosive growth of population in metropolitan areas. Accordingly, the proliferation of highways, bridges and other such transportation hubs results in a sprawling urban form with no clear center.

One definition of urban sprawl asserts that it is "an architectural style of suburban development characterized by low-density linear development along major transportation corridors and the separation of neighborhoods by large tracts of vacant land.

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