What is another word for urbane?

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Urbane is a term used to describe someone who is sophisticated, refined, and well-mannered. Synonyms for urbane include worldly, cultured, polished, suave, debonair, refined, elegant, sophisticated, well-bred, and genteel. These words are often used to describe people who possess a high level of social grace and are able to fit in well in a variety of social situations. Urbane people are those who are well-spoken, well-dressed, and can easily get along with others. They are often associated with city life, and their style is frequently described as cosmopolitan, metropolitan, or downtown. Overall, synonyms for urbane are used to describe those who are cultured and refined in their behavior and style.

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    In contemporary English, the adjective "urbane" is typically used to describe something that is polite, refined, and cultivated. It can also refer to activities and topics that are generally considered sensible, sensible, or sensible for Main Street. Thus, a discussion of theater, literature, or art that occurs in a living room would be seen as somewhat "urbane.

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