What is another word for utopian?

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When we think about the word "utopian", words like idealistic, perfect or idyllic come to mind. However, there may be other synonyms that can fit better according to the specific context of the text. For example, if the text is about a futuristic society, words like futuristic, advanced or progressive might fit better. If the text is about an imaginary place or world, words like otherworldly, imaginary or fantastic might be more appropriate. Similarly, other synonyms like dreamy, optimistic, blissful or unattainable may also convey different nuances of meaning. The choice of synonym depends on the context and the author's intent.

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How to use "Utopian" in context?

The word "utopia" evokes a world of perfect harmony and equality. Whether in the form of a fictional place, such as in H.G. Wells's novel, "The Time Machine," or in the form of a social ideal, utopias have long been a source of fascination. They are also a source of hope, as they offer a vision of a world in which people can be free from the sometimes distressing realities of the present.

If there is one common feature of all utopias, it is that they are creations of the imagination.

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