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Utterance means the act of expressing something vocally. There are several other words that can be used to refer to this action, including dialogue, expression, remark, statement, vocalization, and articulation. Additionally, there are a range of synonyms that can be used to describe the content of an utterance, such as assertion, declaration, opinion, pronouncement, and announcement. These words can be useful when seeking to vary one's language and add nuance to one's speaking or writing. Whether used individually or in combination, such words can enhance communication and allow us to express ourselves more clearly.

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How to use "Utterance" in context?

The dictionary definition of "utterance" is "a spoken or written expression": to speak, to say, to write. When we say a word, we are expressing our thoughts through sound waves. And when we write, we are encoding those thoughts onto a physical medium.

These physical manifestations of our thoughts carry with them all the emotion and energy that is associated with them. When we utter a word, we are projecting our own inner emotions into the world.

We use utterances to communicate with the people around us. We use them to express our thoughts and feelings. And we use them to relate to the world around us.

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