What is another word for vastly?

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[ vˈastli], [ vˈastli], [ v_ˈa_s_t_l_i]

When it comes to expressing the idea of something being incredibly large or extensive, there are many synonyms that can be used instead of the word "vastly". For example, "immensely" is a word that suggests something is very large or great in size or quantity. "Hugely" is another synonym that can be used to convey a similar idea, and "enormously" and "tremendously" are two other words that convey the same concept of something being vast or enormous. "Excessively" is another synonym that can be used to emphasize the extent to which something is large or vast. Overall, there are many different words that can be used to convey the concept of something being vast, and the specific choice will depend on the context and tone of the writing.

Synonyms for Vastly:

How to use "Vastly" in context?

"vastly" is an adverb meaning "extensively, enormously, hugely." It is often used to describe something that is large in scale or importance. For example, the vast majority of the students in the class are new arrivals. The vast desert landscape stretches out before you.

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