What is another word for vehemence?

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Vehemence is a strong, intense and forceful expression of emotion or conviction. Some synonyms for this powerful word include passion, fervor, intensity, fervency, zeal, ardor, fire, energy, enthusiasm and eagerness. These words all convey a sense of urgency and deeply-felt emotions that can be both inspiring and intimidating. An individual who speaks with vehemence is often passionate, articulate and persuasive. Synonyms for vehemence can be used to emphasize the degree of fervor and intensity in a person's personality or argument, and can be particularly useful in expressing strong opinions on controversial issues. Whether in a heated argument or a passionate speech, using a synonym for vehemence can help convey the intensity and conviction of one's feelings.

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How to use "Vehemence" in context?

When you feel intense passion in what you do, be it in life or in a match, it is called vehemence. It is the fuel that ignites the desire to achieve goals and achieve them forcefully. Vehemence is a deep-seated zeal that propels someone forward in their endeavors. It is the driving force that makes you work harder, study more, and push yourself farther than you ever have before. When applied to relationships, vehemence is the emotional intensity that leads to passion and connection. It is when two people are drawn to each other in a way that transcends logic and reason.

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