What is another word for Veniality?

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Veniality refers to the quality or state of being forgivable or pardonable. It can also refer to a minor or trivial offense. Synonyms for veniality include, but are not limited to, pardonableness, excusableness, remissibility, and forgivability. For instance, if someone made a minor mistake, it can be considered as veniality, and can be easily forgiven. Other synonyms for veniality are slightness, insignificance, triviality, and smallness. It is often the case that venialities are overlooked or forgiven, especially in close relationships. In some cases, venialities may be seen as endearing rather than problematic.

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    The word Veniality means "capable of being forgiven." The concept of veniality is important to many people because it helps to define the difference between sin and morality. In some religious faiths, veniality is a key concept because it determines how much guilt a person has for committing a sin.

    The concept of veniality is based on the idea that all sins are not equal. Sin is considered to be a serious matter, but many sins are not as harmful as others. For example, adultery is considered a serious sin, but it is not as harmful as murder.

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