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Vent is a word commonly used to describe an opening or passage through which air or other gases can escape. However, there are several synonyms for vent, which can be used in different contexts. One such synonym is the word outlet, which describes a point through which anything, including air or electricity, can pass through. Another synonym is orifice, which refers to a small opening, hole or passage. An aperture is another synonym for vent, mostly used in photography, describing a hole through which light enters a camera or other optical device. Lastly, an exhaust can also be considered as a synonym for vent, denoting a pipe or duct through which fumes, gases or other materials can escape or release.

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The human respiratory system uses the windpipe and the nose to intake and expel air. Each breath is initiated by the diaphragm and the stomach muscles contract, driving the air into the lungs. Once in the lungs, the air is divided into gasping segments by the ribcage and forced into the bronchi, which deliver the air to the smaller air sacs of the lungs. The air sacs deliver the oxygen rich air to the alveoli, where carbon dioxide and other gasses are expelled.

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