What is another word for venthole?

57 synonyms found


[ vˈɛnthə͡ʊl], [ vˈɛnthə‍ʊl], [ v_ˈɛ_n_t_h_əʊ_l]

Related words: the vent hole, hole in ductwork, hole in plate, hole in sheet metal, hole in wall, hole in pipe, hole in flooring, hole in roof

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    Synonyms for Venthole:

    How to use "Venthole" in context?

    As we know, it is important to have a functioning ventilation system in our homes in order to keep us comfortable and safe. One important part of this system is the venthole, which is a small opening in the roof or walls that allow fresh air into the home and stale air out. Ventholes can become blocked over time, which can cause harmful conditions such as carbon dioxide build-up and mildew. In order to keep your venthole functioning properly, it is important to regularly clean it and check for any debris or obstructions. If your venthole is not functioning properly, consult a professional to get it fixed.

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