What is another word for verbose?

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Verbose is an adjective that refers to someone or something that uses more words than necessary to express an idea. Some synonyms for this word include wordy, garrulous, loquacious, voluble, talkative, chatty, long-winded, rambling, and prolix. All of these words indicate that someone is prone to using too many words to get their point across. However, the connotations differ slightly. For example, garrulous and talkative imply that the speaker is particularly chatty and may not let others get a word in. Loquacious and voluble suggest a more fluid and effortless way of speaking. Wordy and prolix, on the other hand, imply a certain clumsiness or lack of precision in the speaker's language.

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How to use "Verbose" in context?

When people talk about verboseness, they usually mean the degree of detail in a document or speech. Verboseness can be a good or bad trait. It can be useful for a writer to be verbose to provide detail for readers who want to understand the context of a story or the argument being made. However, verboseness can also be irritating when used excessively. Agents and supervisors often want writers to be as brief as possible so that their stories or arguments can be easily understood. There is a balance to be struck, and sometimes a story or argument can be made clear without being verbose.

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