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Very High Frequency (VHF) refers to radio frequencies in the range of 30 MHz to 300 MHz. These can be further classified into sub-bands such as Low VHF (30 MHz - 88 MHz) and High VHF (174 MHz - 300 MHz). However, there are a few synonyms to describe VHF such as ultra-high frequency (UHF), microwave, wireless or radio waves. UHF is similar to VHF in terms of application and range, but the frequency range is higher (300 MHz to 3 GHz). The term microwave is used to describe frequencies above 1 GHz and is used for communication and cooking purposes. Wireless technology also operates in the VHF band to transmit data and information. Overall, VHF signals are widely used in communication, navigation, and broadcasting applications.

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The very high frequency is a term used to describe waves that have an extraordinarily high frequency. These waves can be seen and heard more often than other waves, making them more noticeable. They can also be more destructive.

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