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Vesicle, derived from the Latin word 'vesicula', refers to a small sac or pouch present in living organisms. It is a common term used in biology, physiology, and medicine. Alternatives for vesicle include sac, cyst, pouch, bladder, bubble, sacculus, and alveolus. In cellular biology, vesicle refers to small membrane-bound organelles that transport essential substances between cells or within cells. They're also called transport vesicles. In immunology, vesicles refer to small circles of lipid membranes that enclose essential biomolecules, which can be used for drug delivery and other therapeutic purposes. Synonyms are particularly useful in scientific communication, as they help to avoid a repetitive language and provide alternative ways to describe a concept.

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There are two types of cells in the body: plasma cells and lymphocytes. Plasma cells are found in the blood and are responsible for destroying bacteria, viruses and other pollutants. Lymphocytes are cells that help to fight foreign invaders. They are found in the lymphatic system and are mobilized to fight infection when the body is exposed to a foreign agent.

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