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Via is a preposition that implies a route or a way of performing something. Some synonyms for this word include by way of, through, by means of, by route, along, amid, among, and across. These synonyms may be used interchangeably with via to convey a similar meaning depending on the context of the sentence. Another possible synonym for via is per, which is often used to indicate the unit cost or frequency of something. In any case, using these synonyms will serve to make your writing sound more varied and interesting, while conveying the same idea.

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How to use "Via" in context?

Via is a luxury travel company that offers bespoke tours and itineraries worldwide. Founders Toby Holmes and Kate Evans launched Via in 2015 and it has since grown to become one of the leading luxury travel brands.

Via offers boutique trips with expert local knowledge and an intimate connection to the destinations involved. The company's collections are inspired by art, history, fashion and travel.

Through Via, travelers can explore some of the most fascinating and beautiful destinations in the world. Offering a selection of twelve tours and thirty activations, Via has something for everyone.

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