What is another word for vocalizer?

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Vocalizer is a word that refers to someone or something that makes sounds using their voice. Some synonyms for the word include singer, vocalist, crooner, chantress, and chanter. Each of these words implies someone who sings in a different style or context, such as the uplifting pop star or the soulful gospel singer. Other synonyms for vocalizer include entertainer, performer, or musician, all of which relate to the act of producing sound in some form. Words like announcer, orator, and narrator suggest a focus on communication or storytelling through speech, while words like leader or spokesperson imply a more authoritative role as a public speaker.

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How to use "Vocalizer" in context?

Vocalizers are devices used to produce speech in a human-like or computer-like voice. They are made up of an electronic circuit that converts acoustic energy generated by the vocal folds into electrical signals that can be amplified and transmitted to a speaker, or recorded on a media. There are a number of different vocalizers on the market, and each has its own unique features and capabilities.

Vocalizers can be used to produce any type of speech, including human, computer, and robotic voices. They can be used to produce single or multiple voices, and can be used in professional or home recordings.

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