What is another word for volcanically?

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[ vɒlkˈanɪkli], [ vɒlkˈanɪkli], [ v_ɒ_l_k_ˈa_n_ɪ_k_l_i]

Volcanically is an adverb that refers to something that relates to or exhibits characteristics of a volcano. Some synonyms for volcanically include explosively, energetically, violently, fervently, heatedly, intensively, tumultuously, and passionately. These words all convey a sense of powerful and intense activity, similar to the eruptions and seismic activity associated with volcanoes. Whether describing a natural event like a volcanic eruption or a person's emotions or actions, these synonyms for volcanically can help to paint a vivid picture of the level of activity or intensity involved.

How to use "Volcanically" in context?

Volcanically is defined as the action or process of producing a volcano. Volcanoes are formed when molten rock, ash and gas escape from an active volcano. Weak spots or cracks in the rock matrix are the most common cause of volcanic activity.

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