What is another word for vomit?

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Vomit is a common physiological process seen in individuals experiencing nausea or digestive issues. However, the use of this word can often invoke feelings of disgust and revulsion. Therefore, individuals may choose to use a synonym for the word vomit to make it less severe. Some synonyms for the word vomit include puke, throw up, regurgitate, retch, and heave. While these words may not completely eliminate the unpleasant association with the act of vomiting, they can make it less uncomfortable to discuss. Moreover, they offer a more subtle way of discussing unappealing bodily functions in a more neutral or less offensive manner.

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How to use "Vomit" in context?

Vomit is a discharge from the stomach that is composed of food and liquid. The average person will vomit approximately one cup of liquid and two to four cups of food in a period of two to three hours.

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