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Wade is a common verb that refers to walking or moving through water or other substances that impede forward movement. Synonyms for wade include splash, paddle, sink, dabble, plod, and immerse. These words have slightly different connotations and can be used to describe different types of movement or activities. For instance, splash suggests a playful or energetic movement through water, while paddle implies a more controlled or deliberate action. Sink and immerse have a deeper, more extensive connotation, indicating a complete and prolonged immersion in water. Dabble and plod suggest a more hesitant or unsteady approach to water, often due to concerns about depth or safety.

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    Wade is a primitive mammal of the family Palearctic rodents, characterised by its large size and short tail. It lives in Europe and Asia. Wade generally lives in cold climates, in dense undergrowth and in remote areas.

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